Over a year has passed and we are thriving again and can’t recommend them more highly.

Matt & Bec Henderson (Victoria)


Words of thanks will not be enough to express the amount of gratitude.

Zil & Joy (Western Australia)


It is important to me that I convey to you just how much help you were to us with our refinance and just how grateful we are.

Mr & Mrs S (Country Victoria)


I am sure that her experience and negotiating skills were at the heart of such a positive result.



I was on sick leave and facing forced medical retirement from my job.
Today, I am debt free.

Mindi Miller, Qld

Debt Negotiation Is ALL We Do.

Choice Debt Solutions, negotiates with your creditors to reduce the total debt to a once off payment.
This debt is paid in a lump sum and the balance is simply written off.

What we can do for you

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After our assessment and your written authority we negotiate with creditors to achieve the best possible outcome.

  • take and make the phone calls
  • liaise with your creditor
  • reduce the debt
  • pay the debts
  • close the accounts

What’s the catch?

[dt_vc_list style=”1″ bullet_position=”top” dividers=”true”]We can only work with available funds.
If you’ve recently;

  • sold an asset
  • refinanced your home loan
  • have a loan from family or friends
  • have come into an inheritance, or
  • if you have some cash but not enough
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Debt Relief

[dt_vc_list style=”1″ bullet_position=”top” dividers=”true”]Imagine a stress free, debt free life.
Imagine life without credit cards.

  • No more letters of demand
  • No more harassing phone calls
  • No more monthly statements
  • No more juggling money to pay bills
  • No more stress – eliminate your credit card debt once and for all
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