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My husband ran a business for 10 years, however during the last 5 years, due to a down turn in work, found himself to be in a severe financial situation. We were faced with losing our home.

Gabrielle was amazing. From the first time we spoke, I knew she was sincere and would do whatever she could for us. Gabrielle was understanding and reassuring. She kept us informed at all times and returned our calls promptly.

The outcome for us was more than we could have imagined. We cannot thank Gabrielle enough and would not hesitate to provide a recommendation.

Mr & Mrs Richards, WA

It’s somewhat difficult to explain the amount of stress and the sleepless nights we had in the months leading up to Xmas last year, when we look back it’s hard to believe or imagine the journey we’ve travelled over the last 4 months. We are forever thankful for the advice, support, strength, friendship, positiveness, laughter along the way, but equally as important is the results and success you achieved for us. After personally what can only be described as ‘trading insolvent’ and living off credit to pay credit for what seems like an eternity, the enormity and relief of not receiving the phone calls from creditors every month, being debt free, having gone through ‘plastic surgery’ and cancelled all credit cards, kept a clean credit file and having funds remaining in the bank is indescribable.

Gabrielle once again thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us to assist us out of the depths of debt and start us on our new journey moving forward. Should the situation ever arise that you have a potential client who may be feeling some level of uncertainty, please don’t hesitate to ask them to give me a call and I would be more than pleased to give you a verbal reference.

As I’ve said all along – Gabrielle you’re better than you think you are, you’re a super STAR.

You successfully negotiated a $93,000+ saving off $188,000+ of credit card debt, with an average interest of approx 20% that’s saved us nearly $38,000 a year in interest alone – in real terms it was debts that may never have been cleared …

Mr & Mrs K, NSW

We had heard that CDS could help with our finances. We were actually amazed by the result they achieved. Over a year has passed and we are thriving again and can’t recommend them more highly.

Matt & Bec Henderson, Vic

Words of thanks will not be enough to express the amount of gratitude we have for Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s hard work, dedication, devotion, skills and countless efforts has made us face our tough situation with so much courage knowing that our financial situation is now in good standing/great shape. All because of what Gabrielle has done for us. We can sit back, relax and enjoy our life – debt free! Thanks a lot Gabrielle for all your help. It’s really appreciated.

Zil & Joy, WA

I was initially hesitant, vulnerable and embarrassed to expose my financial position to a stranger. But from the day I met Gabrielle I knew she was humble, professional, understanding and yet had a strong dedication to the task at hand.

I had borrowed money from several institutions as no bank would refinance our home loan. Over the years, 1 credit card turned into 5 which resulted in over $50,000. Every pay cheque went to making repayments and meeting due dates but during this period there was huge stress and anxiety! Then we had to deal with my husband’s loss of income so we decided to sell our home. This wouldn’t make us debt free but it would eliminate some of the bills.

I didn’t expect much from Gabrielle as in what she could achieve, if I could get her to negotiate even $100 it was is a bonus. During the negotiation process she remained in contact and communicated all the way the through the process. After the negotiations she managed to save me over $15,000! I could not believe the outcome. So even though we sold our house, we have saved over $15,000 which will go towards other bills.

I had a lot of pride and it took me a lot of courage to make the call to CDS. Gabrielle made it well worth the call and would love to refer her to anyone in financial difficulty that thinks ‘this is it, nothing can be done’. I am living proof that it can be. I didn’t know such a service existed and have saved a lot of money through Gabrielle’s efforts and making the call.

Mrs S, Hampton

A year ago was the most stressful time in my life, I was on sick leave and facing forced medical retirement from my job. My focus on my finances had taken a backseat and before long banks were calling and debt collectors were at my door. Gabrielle was a God send. She took the stress from my shoulders, negotiated all my debts and fixed my finances. Today, I am debt free and am content to know that those financial problems have gone. I recommend Gabrielle to anyone in trouble financially, she put my needs first and I can never thank her enough.

Mindi Miller, Qld

A few months ago, at the recommendation of a solicitor friend, I engaged the services of Gabrielle Vittori at Choice Debt Solutions to help me with about a dozen credit card and other liabilities I had with various institutions. I spoke to her and explained that as I had had sustained a spinal injury earlier and had undergone a six hour operation and several months of hospitalization, I had not earned anything and continued having rehabilitative therapy as I had difficulty walking.

She took all the details from me and within six weeks or so had over $100,000 of debts waived by the creditors.

I am sure that her experience and negotiating skills were at the heart of such a positive result.

Her fees were modest and most reasonable. She was polite, pleasant and prompt. I found her to be reliable and focused on her job. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to obtain her services.


It is important to me that I convey to you just how much help you were to us with our refinance and just how grateful we are.

I really don’t think we’d have made it through without your negotiating skills, contacts, your psychological support, your warm and friendly demeanour, encouragement and positive feedback, you’re dealing with some of NAB’s less appealing and more difficult aspects, your unwavering momentum and focus and of course your considerable knowledge and experience.

Thank you so much!

Mr & Mrs S, Vic

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